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Myths about Adoption

What’s holding you back from adopting a child? Could it be the rumors and myths about adoption that float around?  We are here to ease your mind and put few common myths to put to rest.  

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I can’t afford adoption: When looking into adoption it can become incredibly overwhelming and a lot of people get turned off by thinking they can’t afford what it costs to adopt a child.  There are so many different options when looking into adoption financially.  What you need to do is make sure you take the time to do your research and prepare for the costs to come.  There are different grants and low interest loans you can look into applying for.  Like any major financial decision, you have to sit down and prepare for it. Here are a list of Adoption Aid Grants
Adoption takes too long: Like all great things in life, adoption does not happen overnight.  You have to be patient and take it one step at a time.  The process can go a little faster if you are equipped to adopt a child with special needs, an older child or sibling groups.  International adoptions will take a little more time, and often, it is in fact easier to adopt from the U.S. Foster Care.  It takes about a year to adopt from the foster care system and it can take from two to five years to adopt internationally.  

Image result for adoptionRelatives may find the child and take them back: This is not legally possible in most states due to laws which sever the rights of relatives after the adoption is finalized.  Once an adoption is final, there is no reversing it.  Before an adoption is final, there are a series of steps to insure that this will not happen.  Biological parents are looked for and contacted if they have taken the necessary steps to insure that they will receive notice of an adoption plan, such as registering with a Putative Father Registry.  If the biological father does properly register to receive notice of the adoption plan, then he must decide if he can care for the child or if the child should be adopted. 

In terms of other family members, usually, they are not entitled to notice of an adoption plan.  However, in some states, relatives who have legal custody are entitled to notice and to contest an adoption plan.  And when a child is placed through the foster care system, relatives are looked to as alternatives families when parents are not able to parent.  

Foster care kids are out of control and dangerous
: It is true that a lot of children in foster care have experienced neglect and/or abuse that cause them to have developmental and behavior issues but they are not juvenile delinquents. They have experienced situations that have lead them not to feel safe. 
These kids need a safe and nurturing home so they can become wonderful young adults.

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Single parents can’t adopt
There is opportunity for all to adopt.  Just because you are single, does not mean there isn’t a way for you to adopt a child. What matters is that you are able to provide a loving, safe and supportive home for a child.  This goes with age as well.  You don't have to be young to adopt either; in fact older parents are typically the sought out demographic for adoptio
n.  It is recommended to contact a reputable agency for more information on age requirements depending on where is it you are looking to adopt from.  For different countries requirements will change. 

These are only a few of the many myths when it comes to adoption. But we hope we have eased your mind about some of the biggest myths floating around.  Remember to always do your research and make sure you are getting your information from reliable sources. the Law Offices of Karen S. Law PLC does adoption overview planning sessions which will tailor the best approach for your family.  The fee is nominal and this can save you a lot of time.  We also help you determine which adoption agencies will be the best fit for your family.  

To schedule your adoption overview meeting, please contact us today: or call 703 723 4385.

Drafted by Brittany Alness, staff member of the Law Offices of Karen S. Law, PLC.

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