Thursday, July 13, 2017

Step Parent Adoption Fact Sheet

How much does a Step Parent Adoption cost?

The usual legal fees are $1500, with the consent, abandonment, or death of the non-custodial parent. If the case is actively contested by a nonconsenting birth parent, the legal fees will be much higher. 

For every case, there also will be additional out of pocket fees depending on the particular case, i.e. printing costs, mailing costs, publication, filing fees, birth certificate fees etc.

How long will a Step Parent Adoption take in Virginia?

Between one to four months once the legal pleadings are filed with the Court.

Can you describe the process?
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  1. Informational meeting with Adoption attorney.
  2. Consider whether the biological parent must consent to adoption or has abandoned the child or is deceased
  3. Attorney gathers information and Clients sign notarized pleadings
  4. Attorney files the pleadings with the Court
  5. Newspaper publication (required for nonconsenting birth parent)
  6. Possible brief investigation by Social Services, a two month process
  7. Obtain the Final Order of Adoption—Court appearance is sometimes required
  8. Obtain a new Birth Certificate with the child’s new name and the new parent listed as the parent - arrives in two to four months.
  9. Client changes name of child on social security card
Image result for step parentWhere do you serve clients?
We work with families within 60 minute travel distance from our office.  If you are outside this area, we may be able to provide a referral to another attorney. 

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