In today’s society, we tend to put movie stars up on a pedestal. As quickly as they go up, they easily fall down again due to bad publicity or the next new person who comes into the spotlight. We can name what movies they have starred in or what television show they originally came from.  We even know what magazine cover they were last featured in; but have we ever stopped to think about the fact that even though they are constantly under the pressure and judgmental eye of the public, they go through the same struggles we face?
If you are not familiar, Nia Vardalos was the writer and star of My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  She has also been in many other television shows and movies. Ms. Vardalos recently shared her struggles with infertility in her memoir, Instant Mom.  I devoured this book on a plane ride after meeting Ms. Vardalos at our annual American Academy of Adoption Attorneys meeting this year.  My seatmate gave me questioning looks as I was laughing throughout the long flight.  It is not only an easy read but it is  written from the heart with honesty and compassion. She talks about the difficulties she and her husband faced while waiting to have a child and how she was led to adopt a child from the foster care system.  She also shares the challenging moments of raising her daughter and the moments that make it all worth the wait and struggles.
I think you will enjoy this memoir.  Although it is written for couples facing infertility, it has a broader audience.  As Rachael Dratch said, “it’s for anyone whose Big Life Plan doesn’t follow the path they thought it would, and shows us that unexpected obstacles can lead to beautiful rewards”. 

Drafted by Brittany Alness, staff member of the Law Offices of Karen S. Law, PLC.
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