Monday, July 18, 2016

Changes in Nicaragua's Adoption Process

***This is taken directly from the Department of State Website, below the link is provided for you***

"Alert: Changes in Nicaragua's Adoption Process

The Department of State recently met with the Government of Nicaragua.  Officials from the Nicaraguan government reported that no irregularities were found following their investigation of allegations about Nicaragua’s intercountry adoption process. 
Nicaraguan officials also announced changes to Nicaragua’s intercountry adoption process. Under Nicaraguan law a child is not eligible for intercountry adoption until a Nicaraguan court issues an abandonment decree. Nicaragua has in the past matched foreign prospective adoptive parents with children who had not yet received an abandonment decree, and allowed such prospective adoptive parents to foster children while the abandonment decree was pending. From now on, Nicaragua will no longer allow foreign prospective adoptive parents to foster children before a abandonment decree has been issued.   
Prospective adoptive families should continue to work with their adoption service providers and local attorneys, and continue to for updated information on adoption in Nicaragua."

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