Tuesday, November 11, 2014

National Adoption Month

Happy National Adoption Month!

In case you didn’t know, November is National Adoption Awareness Month! The first major effort to raise awareness of adoption was in 1976 in Massachusetts. It started as just as a week but then, in 1990, it became a month long celebration.
During this month, the nation, states, and communities celebrate this positive way to build families.  There are many events planned throughout the month such as judicial ceremonies, dinner recognitions and banquets.  The Loudoun Chapter of the Virginia Women Attorneys Association and the Loudoun County Department of Family Services sponsors National Adoption Day here in Loudoun where families who are formed through adoption are recognized each year.  I am proud to co-chair this recognition ceremony. It is such a joyous and remarkable celebration seeing how these families have been formed. Many times, the children has been through a long and difficult journey of abandonment, abuse or neglect.  The foster parents have worked with social workers and counselors to bring healing and wholeness.  Then, as the legal process is complete and the foster parents adopt the child during the National Adoption Day ceremony, it brings tears to the eyes of the professionals in the courtroom to see the formation of a forever family after years of struggle.  

Other adoptive families at Loudoun Adoption Day have different stories.  The adoption could be that of a stepparent who has acted as the real parent for many years.  It is a joyous moment to see the big smile on the child's face as that reality is recognized by the law and the child receives the same last name as the rest of the family.

Even if you haven't adopted, you can celebrate National Adoption Month in November.  It doesn't have to be elaborate-- it could be something simple such as renting a DVD that portrays adoption in a positive light. Some suggestions from Adoptive Families Magazine are: Meet the Robinsons, The Tigger Movie, Despicable Me, Moonrise Kingdom or, as the holidays are approaching, Elf.

Adoption is such a a wonderful way to build a family and we all know people who have adopted or been adopted. It should be honored, acknowledged, and celebrated. Every adoption has its own special and unique story. 

Drafted by Brittany Alness, staff member of the Law Offices of Karen S. Law, PLC.
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