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“Thank you, Karen, for the prayers and encouragement.  The Lord really used you during that dark time in my life.”--A Birthmom a year after placing a child for adoption

Pregnant? Adoption is an option
Making an adoption plan is an important decision. This is a very sensitive and difficult time for you, and you may have lots of questions. We have extensive experience in working with birth mothers. We can offer a supportive environment and unbiased advice as to whether adoption is right for you. We can point out the pros and cons of different types of adoption and work with you to select a Virginia adoption agency or locate adoptive parents for an open adoption. We will advise you about Virginia adoption law. We will help you understand the legal rights of the father of the child and how to move an adoption plan forward. We will do everything possible to give you a smooth experience at the hospital. We will represent you through the entrustment process and in any Virginia court appearance.

~Unbiased advice about your options
~Guidance in locating prospective adoptive parents
~Referrals for counseling and other services
~Advice on notification and consent requirements for birth fathers
~Help you craft an open adoption plan
~Virginia adoptions

We understand that this is a difficult time and that there are a million things running through your head, know that there is an option for every situation and that someone out there has gone through what you are currently experiencing. 

If you are unsure if adoption is the right path for you, may we suggest that you make a list of your choices and then write the pros and cons of each choice.  While looking at the positives and negatives, think about what is best for your child, then, what it best for you. It's okay if you don't feel ready to be a parent because adoption is always an option.  Adoptions used to be clothed in secrecy--now, most birth mothers pick some form of open adoption where there is contact following the adoption.  This contact can take the form of written updates and photos or visitation if the adoptive family feels comfortable with this.  These are things we can help you with when deciding whether or not adoption is for you.

Drafted by Brittany Alness, staff member of the Law Offices of Karen S. Law, PLC.


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